ChillFest Lineup 2014

Dimo’s Pizza Owen Stevenson Whalen & The Willows Farkus The Dead Hands
DAVIDsTEA Simeon Peebler Ian Frees John Davy Amanda and Brandon
Timbuk2 Designs Shanara the MouthPeace Mississippi Stranglers The Ars Nova Tarek 22 and The Peace Movement
Radiance Fine Jewelry Pipe and Coil Emily Anne Granger River Rising Amber Doss
Lottie’s Pub The Somersault Factory Tijuana Hercules ARMITAGE Blue Line
robin richmanAmalea TshildsSean Malone & FriendJorge & ArmandoBlack Seed
g boutique Chesley Krischelle Dan Clingman Pipe and Coil Aryk Crowder
The Smoke Daddy Whalen and the Willows Steven Paul Ploog Mike Felten Matt Mason Althea Grace Band
Ruby Room Emersion Karl Neurauter Nick Fisher Michael C. Hayes
Elevenzees Night & Gale Katelyn Cohen The New Switcheroo Ignescent
Gomez Shell Da$HtoneMac Larson The Dead On
Jerry’sMidwestIsaak KrautwurstDavenport EdSimplistic Soul
Doggy Style Pet Shop Ian Frees Bud Summers Simeon Peebler Mitch McLaughlin
826CHI & The Wicker Park Secret Agent Supply Co. Honey & the 45s The Midnight Kicks Hazel & the Grimms The Lifeline
Transit Tees The Apuli Brothers John Davy The Astrohillbillies The Morning Commute
Emporium Arcade Bar The 92s CoJack & Company Burnside & Hooker Tall Walker
Futurgarb Ed Smaron The Apuli Brothers Eugeine Grey Syahi
Jackson Junge Gallery Matthew Morgan Led Astray Jeff Brown Frances Luke Accord Liz Chidester
Spex Manny Torres Mitch McLaughlin Amanda and Brandon
bar bar black sheep Mike Felten Matt Mason Manny Torres Chadwick Stadt Steven Paul Ploog
Mildblend Supply Co. Acoustic Raccoon The Acoustic Rescue Unit Renegade Lightning Rebellion Distant Brothers
The Silver Room Abraham Koku Gonza Deep Fayed Obisoulstar
BruJake CaryJeff SchallerKatie SteelGrace UrrutiaNeal ZatekPatrick Napier
Frontier The Lulabelles Urban Twang Elle Casazza Simpleton & Cityfolk The Fox & The Hounds
Dude I Forgot Eugeine Grey Syahi iNDiGO HiGH Wayne G
Access Chicago Realty Steve Shelton Band Mississippi Stranglers Dan Clingman
SubterraneanOld Honey DrumsAlan Zreczny/bluefrontGreenbookJoseph EvansEric QuigleyMarycate Hines
Artist and venue schedules subject to change.